ZEELAS was founded in 2018 on the idea of expression to unveil your femininity and masculinity of self-image through fashion. We devote our time to collect a season of trends sustaining a designer feel transcending though years to come. ZEELAS pushes the vision further to new heights by collaborating with exclusive designers who expresses fashion in their vision but with you in mind. We are artists just being artists to create bold statements.


“We believe a style is untold until you can tell it with a lifestyle.”

To remind women to be wild and free enough to scream out who they are through style and creativity. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

Who are we?

A team of fashion enthusiasts and stylist who love to express themselves through clothing, prints, colors, patterns, designs, and accessories. A group of individuals who dare to be different and share who they are and what makes them unique through the many styles they rock. Who we are comes down to who we are not. We are not the masses. We are not your everyday fashion. We are not in a box and we are free to be who we are. We are the bold and the fearless. We are ZEELAS.


The creators of ZEELAS wanted to share their talents, beliefs, and unique eye-catching style with the public so that what we do in private and behind the scenes could be made public. We wanted to reach other women who were in search of a brand that could help unfold themselves through clothing. We know you’re out there and we want to meet you. We hope you enjoy the ZEELAS collections.

Our goal:

Our goal is always to provide our customers edgy, high quality fashion pieces at kick ass prices!